Tunturi Yoga Block Orange

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Are you looking for a great tool for your yoga postures? This foam block gives you a helping hand. But this block is also useful for under your legs, your head or under your arms. Choose your own poses. Find balance and support with the Tunturi Yoga Block (blue and white). Deepen your postures with a Tunturi Yoga Block. Yoga becomes an even greater workout with this Tunturi Yoga Block.

The benefits of the Tunturi Yoga Block
✓ Provides support in your favorite yoga postures
✓ Is small and lightweight and thus easy to bring with you

Order your Tunturi Yoga Block for extra support in your favorite yoga postures!

Overview specifications
• Weight: 93 grams
• Color: orange/black
• Material: foam
• Size: 7.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 15 cm