Tunturi Yoga Block Anthracite

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Stability for yoga postures
A yoga block is the perfect tool to have when practicing yoga. The support of the block prevents your muscles and joints from being overloaded, thus the risk of injury is reduced. They help you adopt the right posture during exercises and can serve as an extension for the body while doing certain postures. They provide stability, allowing you to be more focused on the techniques and postures. Yoga blocks are also often used in physiotherapy.

A yoga block reduces the distance to the ground, giving you more stability while performing the postures. This allows you to do those postures for which you were not supple enough initially. You can also better sustain certain postures. A yoga block enriches your yoga practice.

✔ Rounded edges for a pleasant grip
✔ Provides support while doing yoga exercises
✔ Reduced injury risk

• Weight: 255 gr
• Size: L 23 x W 15 x H 7.5 cm
• Colour: anthracite
• Material: EVA