Om Namaste Yoga Mat Cork

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This Om Namaste yoga mat consists of an organic cork top. This durable material provides a superior grip. The other side of the yoga mat is made of natural rubber that comes from the rubber tree. The natural rubber ensures that the mat does not slip during the various yoga exercises. This Om Namaste yoga mat is highly resistant to moisture. The cork is even so resistant to moisture that it provides even better grip when the mat comes into contact with it. This is the reason this mat is ideal to use during exercises that sweat a lot.


Features Om Namaste Cork-Rubber Yoga Mat Material:

Natural cork and 100%
high-density natural rubber.
Length: 183 centimeters
Width: 62 centimeters
Thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 2350 grams
Optimal grip and comfort.
100% natural materials.
Environmentally friendly,
biodegradable Hygienic thanks to the antibacterial properties of cork.
Free from chemicals.