Meditation Cushion Gayatri Mantra BIO

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Gayatri mantra
The Gayatri mantra is praised both in classical Vedic scriptures 
- such as the Bhagavad Gita - as well as by the Buddha in the Pali Canon.
Gayatri means both rhythm and protection.
The mantra purifies the physical, emotional and spiritual energy body.

Yogi & Yogini Meditation
Under our brand Yogi & Yogini Meditation we market products that provide support
for your meditation practice.
Turn your meditation moment into a daily wellness ritual.
The right materials support your concentration and comfort.
So that you can train your mind in loving attention,
compassion and wisdom without distractions.

Product specifications
OCS Blended certified (*), produced according to GOTS standards.
Outer cushion (**): 100% organic cotton, with zipper at the bottom.
Inner cushion: unbleached 100% organic cotton, closed with a cord.
Filling: good quality buckwheat hulls, no irregularities.