Yogi & Yogini Blue Half Moon Meditation Cushion 5th Chakra

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Verkoper Yogi & Yogini

When meditating, half the battle of meditation is getting comfortable enough to stop thinking about sitting.

This half-moon meditation cushion is designed to help you meditate for longer. The half-moon meditation cushion lifts your hips and allows them to roll slightly forward, supporting the natural curve of your low back. Once your spine is aligned, the rest of your body follows naturally. Instant bliss!

Practicing meditation energizes your awareness, brings peace to your life, and expands your capacity to love unconditionally. Take some steps to find comfort and ease in your meditation, and be the love you want to see in the world.

5th Chakra is the throat chakra, this is all about communicating, speaking your truth, and creativity.

Let's meditate in comfort! 




Outer cushion: cotton, with zipper at the bottom.

Inner cushion: unbleached cotton, closed with a cord.

Filling: buckwheat hulls.